26 Fruits

People have already started commenting on 26 ways of looking at a blackberry. Here are a few.

One of the real challenges in the innovation process is the conversion of raw, sometimes dull and often technical data, into prose that is exciting and vivid.  Few, if any, can match John Simmons in his ability to break free from the tedious conventions of business writing and to render it almost into an art form.  This book is a perfect example of John's ability to bring humour, ingenuity, understanding and real craftsmanship to the trade of writing for business.

Peter Robbins, Director of Innovation Excellence, GSK

Creative writing and business may appear to be unlikely bedfellows but in John Simmons we have the perfect match-maker.  He appreciates the beauty of language and deploys it with flair, purpose and imagination.

Gary McKeone, former director of literature, Arts Council

In 26 Ways, John Simmons continues to build on his already considerable contributions to business communications by exploring the links between creativity and constraints. His goal is to inspire a corporate revolution in business writing. If enough people read his delightful variations and consider their multifarious strengths, he just might succeed.

Ted Buswick, Boston Consulting Group

Still, far too few of us in the world of business understand the power and beauty of language. Few understand its infinite nuances and how it can reveal truths whatever people think they may have said or written. John Simmons is a master of words and language. He writes about them to illuminate and awaken skills you never knew you had. Read and listen to John. He will open new perceptions of what words can do for you.

Michael Wolff, founder Wolff Olins

Great words bring a brand to life, reflecting its spirit, personality and tone of voice. In all of this, John Simmons is king, and business writing his kingdom.

Martin Clarkson, Chairman, 26