26 Fruits

Twenty-six ways of looking at a blackberry

Take a typical piece of business writing. Boring, isn’t it? But need it be? What would happen if you rewrote that text in many different ways? Twenty-six of them, the magical number of the alphabet, with styles ranging from the eminently practical to the seemingly preposterous. The results – from graphic novel to country & western lyric, from Plain English to six-word stories, from Raymond Chandler to Charles Dickens to William Shakespeare – are surprising, revealing and always entertaining.

John Simmons, a leading writer for some of the world’s greatest brands, takes as his base text a page from the annual report of a (fictional) technology company. In rewriting that text in 26 different ways, he demonstrates the playful potential of language. And he also analyses what works, what doesn’t work, and what are the lessons other business communicators can apply to their own work. Be prepared for surprises, don’t expect the obvious; and learn once again to love the sheer pleasure and power to be gained from words used by a master craftsman.

26 ways of looking at a blackberry is published by A&C Black.

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