26 Fruits


Tomato Bank

From the Tomato Investments (Passata) Inc:

Dear Mr Tin,
Here at Tomato Investments, we’d like to offer you a big, fat loan.

Sharply sweet, an oozing windfall with a savoury sting in its juicy return. Rounded up, sexy and oozing with potential, it will put you heavily into the red. What you do with it could be luxuriantly saucy.  We are honour bound to point out, it might also be thinly acidic.

Why wither on the vine when you can serve yourself up a salsa of potential, with your interest pricked, your spending glands aroused, your sterling salivated to fiduciary frenzy?

The question, at the end, is as ambivalent as the tomato itself, happily confused fruit that it be.

Should you think of it as your money.  Or ours?

Why wait for pudding? Bite now.

Yours with pips,
Tomato Investments (Passata) Inc

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