26 Fruits


Raspberry Bank

Dear Poo-face
Only joking you wazzock!

Okay, listen to this right. Banks are really stupid, aren’t they? Load of wallies in silly suits going round borrowing too much dosh and spending it on sweets and stuff. Flipping berks.

Well, ner to them, because Raspberry Bank isn’t like that! We’ve been really really careful for ages because we’re not blinking lemons like the others. That’s why you put your lolly with us! Because you’re not really a wazzock like we said before (soz about that).

Mind you, you would be a wazzock if you went putting your lolly somewhere else! Flipping heck! What kind of spanner would do something like that! Chinny reckon!

Tell you what, you keep being our bezzy mates and we’ll keep being yours.

And if you don’t then you can bog off! You divvy! 😛

Later alligator!

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