26 Fruits


Melon Bank

From the offices of:
Melons Asset Management

Allo Mary

Recession? Y’wot?

Doncha just love it when the markets go tits up? All them sad bankers everywhere? Well listen, sweetheart, ain’t no bovver down ere at Melons Asset Management. It’s IN-FLA-TION all the way, know whaddamean? Don’t want that Darling fella gettin his hands on your honeydews or nuffink, do ya? Not bleedin likely you don’t. So you just stick with MAM, Mary, and we’ll handle your assets proper, we will.

Tell you wot, next time you’re round ere I’ll take you down the Nag’s Head for a sherry. We’ll make a right pair, eh!

Don’t be a lemon, Mary. Give us a bell.

Your pal,


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