26 Fruits


Lychee Bank

Hello John,

We’ve been watching the markets. And you.

We notice that you, like us here at Lychee Lending, are not letting the credit crunch grind your spirit to a pulp. How lovely. In fact you, like us and Gordon Brown, seem positively buoyant.

Why not carry on regardless? £2.19 on a cappuccino – every day, without fail. A new Paul Smith jacket, with its silky-soft floral lining. How lovely. Not forgetting that marvellous date with the small blonde in the ill-fitting green dress. Theatre, dinner, and dancing. How lovely.

In these turbulent times, you can be sure we’re right beside you. And behind you. And one step ahead. Like you, we have high hopes for a simply splendid year to come. No doubt there’ll be a few bruises along the way, like the one on your left thigh, when you fell into the table on the aforementioned date, after a little too much champagne. How lovely. But bruises fade and, like you, we’re upbeat, with just a dash of caution. Carefree and careful in equal measure, isn’t that what you think? Absolutely. How lovely.

Watch the markets. Watch your money. Watch yourself.

Yours ever so sweetly,

C.Y. Clops

Customer communications executive advisor
MI6 Team, Lychee Lending

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