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Dear Mr Blenkinsop,

Thank you for your letter of Friday 13 March expressing your concerns about the current economic downturn. Whatever your views about Friday 13th,or indeed the economic mess the country appears to be in at the moment, your worries have no basis in fact. Gooseberry Investments continue to deploy your funds at the sharp end of world markets. You can trust us to cut through the wooliness of the ethical investment minefield, and the unknown quantity that is the portfolio of rising stars, and guarantee you a return on your outlay. There are still profits to be had if you are prepared to get off the fence and go for the emerging markets, and Gooseberry Investments have every intention of exploiting those markets this year.

The current economic turmoil is not for the faint hearted, Mr Blenkinsop – and we are confident that you, and the dynamic investors that make up our client portfolio – have the staying power and backbone to stand their ground. When the recession comes to an end you’ll still be a key player in the markets when others are living with the lower dividends obtained for them by the so-called ‘more secure’ options.

We know we can rely on your continued investment in the months ahead, just as you can rely on our performance. We look forward to taking you with us on the investment ride of your life.

Yours sincerely,

Gooseberry Investments

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