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Blueberry Bank

A message from Blueberry Holdings Inc.

Dear valued customer

We feel it’s our duty as upstanding citizens and shrub lovers to inform you that everything is OK. Yes, everything. It’s all OK.

The world may be experiencing some turbulence, but we’re not going to let it get us down. No sirree. In fact, everything is  so good we’d like you to come down to our place and let us give you some free money. Real American free money. It’s crispy. It’s crunchy. And it’s free for you to spend however you like, on whatever you want.

Just as long as you spend it on something American.

Let’s give our beautiful, beautiful economy something to sing about. Let’s spend America well again. And the more you spend, the more tax Washington gets, and the more money they’ll have to give back to us. Free money! It truly is a miracle.

Thank you for your loyal support. Together we can make America whole again.

Yours earnestly

Your friends at Blueberry Holdings Inc

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  1. Or… you can eat blueberries 😀

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