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Sound and vision

A few photos this time and a link to an audio vignette that I really hope you’ll listen to. This follows on from my last blog when I wrote about the Dark Angels weekend at Hawkwood. I mentioned that we had produced a collective piece of writing, recording the changing times of a single day in that one place. I said we were working on producing it in some form.

Here is the audio version, produced by Melissa Thom, one of the participants. The writers were James Seviour, Melissa Thom, Jamie Delves, Emily Downing, Gabriel Kaye, Steve Chapman, Nicola Kelly, Sarah Hill, Isabel Collins, Elizabeth Hobbs with Faye Sharpe first and last in the sequence.

Many thanks to them; I think it’s an exquisite piece.

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  1. Johnny Lyons says:

    Brought back to Hawkwood
    By the words of Dark Angels
    Like I never left.

  2. Paul murphy says:

    Just got round to listening to this. I was a bit sceptical as to how it would work. It works beautifully. Captures the natural rhythms of a dayand night, words hovering in and through time, a constant sense of trying to catch and hold onto a stillness, in vain, as it slips away, always just of reach.Time playing its tricks as it skips along, decelerating here and accelerating away there. It giveth hope with the one hand and taketh it away with the other, a holy trinity of anticipation, contentment and always a longing for what has been and will never be again.

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