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Education. I believe in it so much that I need say it only once.

I run workshops for the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education, and I’ve just got back from the latest one in York. My day-long workshop on writing is part of a longer programme for academics who generally have professorships or doctorates and who work at senior management levels in universities. All high flyers in the world of education.

I’m there because words matter and the ability to use words well is one of the signs of a good leader. And it seems that the acquisition of a higher educational qualification, such as a PhD, is not in itself a sign that you can write with confidence. So the “narrative arc” of the workshop is similar to workshops I run for other groups in business. Support, sharing, encouragement, playing with constraints, visible change, conviction. By the end of the workshop the individuals feel their confidence boosted, their determination to take risks with language bolstered, their perceptions of their own writing potential transformed.

You can do this only if you respect people as individuals. I believe we are all creative creatures and we all have much more potential for creativity than we are generally allowed to show. So with this group from the world of education, I try to live up to education’s true meaning – drawing people out. I’m not imparting skills, I’m helping people to discover them. I’m simply enabling people to express the talent they have, talent that has been suppressed by the work environment, by self-imposed limitations or even by the conventional education system. Then the high flyers can fly higher.

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