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Banco Banana Inc

Hey there friend, what’s with the glum face?

Downturn getting you down? Feeling the pinch of the credit crunch? Economic climate making you shiver? Well lively up yourself and turn that banana frown the right way up into a big banana smile… you’ve done the right thing investing your hard-earned moolah with the one and only Banco Banana.

Our latest offshore profits graph will give you a delicious warm feeling inside. It’s arcing nicely up, up and up. In fact, the shape it’s making looks strangely familiar. OK, there was a slight dip in the middle somewhere, but we were just kidding around at the time. We’re hitting our stride now taking you with us right to the top of the tree.

As we always say here at Banco Banana, it’s not the size that matters, but what you do with it. We’re pointing firmly in the right direction, looking for new openings, and planting the seeds for tomorrow.

Now we realise no one likes a gloater. But sometimes the temptation’s just too much. Here’s a gilt-edged chance to make friends and colleagues yellow with envy. And in the meantime you can just chill out and take it easy, knowing life is still sweet, soft and decidedly sticky.

So thanks a bunch for banking with us. And here’s to another bumper financial harvest. Gotta split now.

Respect and love…

Messrs Ripe, Ready, Fleegle & Bingo – Top Bananas

Banco Banana – a ray of sunshine in a grey old world.

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