26 Fruits


Olivia Sprinkel: style of Rilke

A feather breezes past; on its own
it will hang and glide in breath of a current,
seeking to catch upward flight,
gentle on its own; but powerful when
bound to a free wing.

Our thoughts are carried, as if by angels.
An x becomes xx becomes xxx transformed
x times countless; as these shimmering
kisses multiply, so do our golden rewards.

Lovers show off, endlessly inventive in tenderness.
Words bouncing, hopping, surprising, jumping.
The spirit of the age sends angels in new directions.
Life moves on. Ups and downs, yet an eternal cycle
spinning forward. And still a vision
Shining through thick clouds: a world connected.

Look at this – our web of interconnections – spun with
Threads of breath. Our bodies, minds, relationships –
with each other, with the earth, our imperative to connect.
Faster, stronger, deeper, richer, in the spirit of peace
and adventure.

This is our great work; we send you thanks
for opening hearts to our angels of connection.

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  1. Wow. Who knew that the base text could become so poetic…and so linked to beauty. Inspiring.

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