26 Fruits


Joe Weir: style of Jay-Z

They say that spending is low,
They say that people don’t care
They say mobile’s aren’t exciting now, TH should beware
But here’s a different message,
And it’s a message straight from the top,
It’s just another year down and yet our sales go up.

We’re up by 20 per cent, that’s up by 10 from last year
We brought our services together, kept a vision that’s clear.
We bought small companies, we brought them in, we built them up strong,
Because to keep moving, you’ve got to know that life moves on.

And as life moves on, TH is moving on with it,
We’ve got ideas springing up here, from minute to minute
But with each new idea, and each product as we choose it,
We know it’s only worthwhile, if people actually use it


You see TH was the first, the whole damn world we affected
Now our technology isn’t novelty, just something expected
We’re not the only one now, but we were there at the start,
And while the rest of them still doodle, we’ve perfected the art.

Now like a river, we are seeking out new revenue streams
Like river runs, we’re flowing towards strategic dreams
And with our order book strong, and filling up like a tank
Like a river, TH soon will be bursting its banks.


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