26 Fruits


Ben Milligan: style of David Peace

Technology Holdings Headquarters, Union Square
April 30th 2009

The end of a long day, but another good year

You’re under pressure but on the up, people are under pressure but still spending, still wanting to talk, spread the message, spill the beans, kiss and make up

Life Moves On

Numbers still whirring in your head as you kill the buzzing screen…Sales up 20%…down the corridor…profits 10%…a glanced goodnight from security on reception

Life Moves On

Tomorrow another day, tomorrow another year. They predict more pressure, you see plans, you see promise

Promise of dreams realised, hearts wedded to minds, people to people

Life Moves On

Those unteathered grasped and given a life-line

A line you’ve been thickening, tightening, quickening

A line drawn between buyers and sellers, loved and lovers, voices and ears, you and them, them and each other

Life Moves On

Windscreen misting, fog lamps beaming and home, home to happy endings and new beginnings

Life Moves On

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