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This has been another good year for Technology Holdings.  Total sales increased by 20%, a pleasing result given increasing worries in the global marketplace.  Consumer spending has been under pressure worldwide, and there have been additional factors that have affected the market for technology products.  Customers have become much more accustomed to mobile communications, indeed they expect easy access to digital media while on the move, and the company’s prime-mover advantages have been reduced.  Competitors have introduced new-generation wireless solutions that appeal to the fast-changing 21st century lifestyles, but overall they have expanded the market for TH’s mobile technology and helped to make it indispensable for the modern consumer.

Against this background, TH has performed well, by integrating hardware, software and services to meet customer needs, leading to an increase in profits by 10% on last year.  New products have been introduced, building on the strong brand reputation established by products clustered around the TH123 platform.  The challenge has been to connect with the real lives of consumers expressed by the brand proposition of “Life moves on”.  Acquisitions of smaller companies demonstrate that proposition while releasing significant commercial synergies by fast-tracking state-of-the-art intellectual property innovation.

Innovation remains the key to current and future growth.  New products continue to push the frontiers of technology, opening up new channels and revenue streams.  But technology never succeeds unless it has a human dimension, which continues to be provided by the efforts of R&D, marketing and user groups.  User groups led to the company’s original foundation and they remain fundamental to success.

Looking ahead, TH is in good shape to face the future, with a clear strategy for growth.  The order book is strong, as is the brand, and the subscriber base continues to grow while the people who represent the brand are as dedicated, committed and imaginative as any in the industry throughout the world.

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