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Passing the baton

This was a big week for Dark Angels. On Tuesday, the latest Dark Angels course came to its close in the Finca outside Aracena in Andalusia. The course tutors were Stuart Delves, Neil Baker and Richard Pelletier: Stuart my original Dark Angels partner, Neil and Richard part of our new, enlarged group of associate partners. This was the first time in 11 years that I haven’t been running a Dark Angels course in Spain. I missed it – but the feedback has been excellent, so the Dark Angels magic clearly continues to work.

On Wednesday I met Gillian Colhoun and Mike Gogan in London to plan the course we’ll be running in Loughcrew, Ireland, in a month’s time. Our first Dark Angels in Ireland – an exciting prospect. I look forward first to Dublin then rural Ireland with a new group of Dark Angels.

Wednesday evening then brought together ten of us, the new 12-strong Dark Angels partnership, for a celebratory dinner. It was the autumn equinox, fifteen months after we’d met in the Highlands of Scotland on the summer solstice 2015. Our purpose then was to explore and commit to a new arrangement that actually broadens horizons, increases our reach, opens up new possibilities to transform people through writing. It’s actually a growing phase for Dark Angels, one that I remain an enthusiastic part of. Joining us for the dinner, as well as those already mentioned, were Jamie Jauncey, Elen Lewis, Martin Lee, Andy Milligan and Claire Bodanis. Only Mark Watkins – in Australia – could not be with us for this week’s gatherings. But Mark and I, a year ago, had run our first Dark Angels course together on a glorious autumn week in Cornwall.

img_1570Then on Friday Richard (who’s an American based in Seattle) joined Elen to run the latest one-day Dark Angels starter course at Strawberry Hill (pictured). It’s a short, packed, uplifting flight of the imagination that can be the start of the journey for those taking part.

Now Richard is staying with me before flying back to the States next week. We’re forming plans for Dark Angels in America. We’re also on the point of launching a brand-new website that will better express who we are today. In this new site we’ve been enormously helped by more Dark Angels friends, in particular Jon Waring and Linda Massey.

For me it feels like passing on the baton, knowing that the baton will be in safe hands, while still being part of the race that’s in front of me. You’ll be able to see the website baton change from old to new right now. It’s still got some finishing tweaks to be made but this will show you what’s already there www.dark-angels.org.uk.

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  1. Bigbrandjohn says:

    Exciting times and a bench full of proven winners as worthy subs who can change a game. Look forward to touching base with Dark Angels West very soon.

  2. Therese says:

    Impressive John! LOVE the new website – that is one beautiful shade of pink!

  3. Michelle says:

    I’m so happy that Dark Angels is flying further. Every time I see a new course, I think of all the new people experiencing the uplift for the first time. You have a great bunch of associates to keep the baton moving. And a lovely new website too.

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