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GGM_classicGabriel Garcia Marquez died last week. He was one of the very greatest writers of the twentieth century, best known for his magical realist novel One hundred years of solitude. My own favourite of his books is Love in the time of cholera.

He inspired me to write a novella The angel of the stories (which you can read about here http://www.darkangelspress.com/. I acknowledged my debt in the book’s Introduction:

I thought of Gabriel Garcia Marquez and felt daunted by the shadow of one of the world’s great writers. However, as I went for my Sunday morning run around Kenwood in north London, an idea started to form. It began with a name that originates with a memory of names used by Marquez in his fiction. ‘Buendia’ is a favourite part of a Marquez character’s name. Then ‘Allone’, with its ambiguity of pronunciation occurred. ‘Julia’ followed soon after, indicating the character’s gender. But Julia Buendia Allone seemed to me a name that suggested a personality, a name in which you could place optimism and aspiration, magic and realism.

CoverLowResSo, as my way of thanking Marquez for his inspiration, I am offering a free copy of The angel of the stories to readers of this blog who contact me. It will have to be limited to ten. Just email me with your address by 25th April and a copy will be sent.

My thanks to you for reading and Gabriel Garcia Marquez for writing.

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  1. Richard says:

    I love …Time of Cholera…as much as it is possible to love a book.

  2. Jules James says:

    Hello John, I too was very sad… I adore Marquez and all his books… what an imagination, what a legacy – I love his brand of magic;) jx

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