26 Fruits

Apricot (abricot, albicocca, originally from the Roman preacocus – the early ripening, or precocious, peach)

An erudite little blighter. So erudite in fact that we’re going make the distinction between the Hunza apricot (hard, beige and walnut-like) and its plumper, softer, furrier European cousin that goes into those glorious thick and syrupy juices you get in France and Italy.

So we have a base tone and a treble tone with apricot.

The base tone – from the Himalayan Kingdom of Hunza where the people are known for their longevity and where this single-stoned fruit is a staple, we get these tonal values: grandfatherly, sagacious, forgetful and twinkly.

And the treble tone – from hot summer days on the Lido or beside the canyons of Provence we get these tonal values: cheeky, pip-squeaky, luxuriant and cute.

With this common, over-arching tone: single-mindedly sunny.

Apricot by Stuart Delves